8 responses to “Birthday-palooza”

  1. Jen Clark

    What a wonderful month of fun and chocolate!!! I’ve copied the vegan pudding because Helena is now dairy-free due to excema and I am off wheat because it’s from the devil… I mean it makes my tummy bloat. HA! I’ll have to get you to post some of Paula’s other vegan treats!!! Personally, I loved looking at all of your cakes – way to go! Especially when things are not convenient nor cheap over there! One tip I found with Hunter’s cake this year – we went for the ‘throw a toy on’ trick which turned a very average icing job into something super cool. Hmmmm, not sure how I’ll do it for Helena who wants a princess cake – oh wait, I bet I can just copy your princess… OR what if we just put a mirror poking out of the top of some ridiculously pink cake and everyone who looked at it would be the princess!!!!
    I’m glad birthday month is over so you’ll have a little bit more time to blog the everyday moments… I love remaining part of your lives in Taipei through your blogs.
    And – happy birthday to you! And lucky Jason who gets his own birthday month just for himself!!!!

  2. Grammy

    I love your cakes and am sad for missing part of the birthday celebrations this year. I’m also interested in your vegan desserts. Do they include less calories?

    1. Kristie

      The vegan desserts still have sugar and oil in them, so they aren’t necessarily “healthy”, but since they don’t have eggs I imagine there are less calories. I always cut the sugar in half which should take out some calories for you. :)

  3. Laura

    Beautiful cakes, Kristi! I’m impressed :-) love the surprise pudding cups, too!

  4. Ashley

    Good to hear from you again! And I believe you just won Mom of the Year. Six cakes? Six custom homemade cakes? We’re not worthy. If it didn’t require you walking here from Taiwan, holding them in your hands, I’d hire you to bake my boys’ cakes this summer! Happy birthday to all!

  5. anna

    my favourite is the lion. classy……

    1. Kristie

      I agree, the lion is the best. I wanted to do a pink version for Ellie, but she would have nothing of that idea.

  6. shannon reppard

    I am laughing out loud . . . I think you deserve some kind of prize for this! And, your cakes are fabulous, even if you do say that you think kids’ bday cakes are over-done. I am VERY impressed . . . and, I MAY have had my own strawberry-cake-wanting-crying-birthday-party-situation as a child, just maybe. You deserve a prize. (maybe someone to make you a cake? or, maybe never making cake again?) I love it :)